Friday, October 17, 2008

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Morgan
Blog: My Amphetamines and my Purls
Rav ID: pomoboho
Some Great Designs: pomoboho's Rav Designer Page

I've been enchanted by pomoboho's whimsical blog for over a year and a half now. Always filled with inspirational photos, often with a vintage air, I click my way over to My Amphetamines and my Purls whenever I need a bit of an escape from daily life drudgery.

I've oft admired her unique takes on patterns. Check out how she altered Fiddlestick's Garden Shawl (she must be some species of genius to do this!! so much so that I've used two exclamation marks here) and take a look at her colourwork. I think my fave is this cute elephantine sweater.

Her designs mirror her fanciful blog: Belle Brummell is a gorgeous use of delicate lace, worn in a rather innovative way. The above-pictured crocheted Pomo Boho Collar is really sweet; I can see it being a perfect complement to a sweeping neckline. And don't miss out on a peek at her Steeple Bumpleigh Helmet. I think it looks absolutely wonderful on her! I think vintageously whimsical could be an apt description.
Fair Isle U - Neck - on blog
I must admit to being directly influenced by the aforementioned pachydermal pullover (like the alliteration, eh? I do good). This knit has taken the form of my super neglected fair isle pullover, wherein I've substituted some fancy footworkin' fair isle for some bees.


Carol said...

That collar would make a great present for someone I know. Must add to Rav queue.

Unraveling Sophia said...

Thanks for all your interesting posts and your Designer Fridays! So many of my friends are not keeping their blogs up (and I'm always in danger of being one of them!) so its such a comfort to come to space and always find a beautiful post with pictures!

Meghan said...

Hey-thanks for the sweet note today. I didn't think of it at the time, but yes, the colors in that basket are completely your style! Earthy, yet subtly vibrant and rich. And yellow. I look forward to your learning to sew--though I warn you, I find it much harder to perfect than knitting.

Hilary said...

Pachydermal pullover -- excellent. :)

Yet another amazing designer -- everything on Morgan's blog is so vintagey and pretty and soft. I immediately added her to my blog feed. Thanks so much for pointing me in her direction!