Friday, October 03, 2008

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Kristen
Blog: Knitting Kninja
Rav ID: Jejune
Some Great Designs: Jejune's Design page on Rav

Pictured is Jejune's wonderful Maude Louise, whose delightful details (such as the diamond pattern around the waist and down the arms, and adorable seed stitch around the shoulders to a cute little pointed v in the front!) make me so happy I can't even type right (this is true: I've had to retype this particular sentence several times for various spelling mistakes in my zeal to share this information with you all).

Jejune's designs (and yes, she's got others!) are pieces that I could definitely see myself knitting, wearing and loving until they're pilled into extinction.

Another great example: her Tamarind Cowl. How cool is that undulating design detail? Not only does it look beautiful to wear, it looks fun to knit!

I've never plugged a Rav group before, but I must do so for Jejune: she is the mod of the fantastical Color Coordinated* group.
As some of you may know, colour theory in all its glory is one of my passions/obsessions. This group speaks to the reader/researcher/information-devourer in me.

*on a rather unrelated note: yes, it did kill me to type colour without the u. It was a battle between the anal-must-get-the-name-exactly-as-it's-represented side of me against the but-I-love-spelling-the-right-way side of me.


Susan said...

That cardigan is so cute. Great detail for sure!

Hilary said...

Such a pretty cardigan! I love that Tamarind Cowl, too, and just added it to my Rav library. Chances are I won't be able to wait until the weekend to start it!

Harper said...
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Poethead said...

The sweater is adorable. Thank you for sharing the information. I'm now a big fan of her designs because of you!

Meghan said...

Hi there- thanks for your recent comment on my blog. As for that sweater, it's only vintage-esque, not true vintage. It makes the pattern a bit easier to follow since it was made with all the modern knitting conveniences. best, meghan.