Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yarn Weight Extremes

Summertime drinking and beauty yarn.

I'm a woman of yarn weight extremes.
In the photo above you'll see two different project I've had on the needles in recent weeks. One super bulky, the other fingering.

There's something about these two extremes that attracts me. With the bulky, I get to satisfy that desire for speed, for something done right now. The magic of just two stitches giving you an inch of width, that luscious single ply fatness giving a texture that's so graphic and eye catching.

With the fingering, the texture is the very opposite: it's unassuming. It blends in. When I wear garments I've knit in fingering, they feel "right". Comfortable, like a second skin. Knitting with that weight is graceful, and the length of time to create with it is meditative and soothing.

It's these two weights that really do it for me.

How about you? Do you agree? What's YOUR yarn weight?


Katinka said...

I love worsted weight! It just feels substantial to me when knit up. Also, I worry less about the knits getting damaged when my crazy little boys jump on me. :)

Katinka said...
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kingshearte said...

Definitely fingering, given my druthers. Bulky always feels super awkward to work with, and I find that there are very few bulky-weight knits that are really all that wearable. What I really can't wrap my head around is flipping around between those two extremes. My fingers feel all weird when I go from fingering to DK and back.