Friday, November 21, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Judy Brien
Rav ID: JudyIs
Some Great Designs: JudyIs' Rav Designer Page

This week's designer demonstrates a masterful use of texture and innovative uses for traditional techniques.

Engineered Seams (pictured) is my favourite example. This is "just" a top-down seamless raglan, but just look at the amazing textural detail she's incorporated, done through the use of well-placed short rows. And the cleverly-placed twisted stitches for faux seams! Love it.

X Cardigan is also a simple top-down, but she tweaks the look with a sloping front buttonband, draping collar, and the placement of sweater shaping placement at the back of the garment.

Black Wattle: short rows, mesh lace, chic sweater. SO COOL. All JudyIs' work is so comfy, interesting, and fashionable. I hope I've won you all over.
And hey, she's got plenty of other designs! Just check out her portfolio!


dandelionpicker said...

ohhh i love Engineered Seams! I have to knit that soon, it's been in my queue too long! I'm always looking for sweaters that are totally different and more interesting!

allama said...

Oh my goodness, Engineered Seams is beautiful! Just bought the pattern - it'll be the first thing on my needles after the Christmas knitting is over.