Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Dress; Can I Sew It Quick?

I dream big sometimes, people.

Here's the latest dress I've cut the pattern and fabric for. I'm trying to keep a maximum of only two patterns with cut fabric waiting in the wings, but it's hard, man. Damn hard.

By posting it on the blog I open myself to the pressures of the whole wide internet: don't cut out more fabric! you'll all proclaim. You juuust posted that there's a new pattern waiting, so sad, waiting.

This pattern is New Look 6699. It has many, many possible bodice/skirt combinations. If this first one works out, I can see this pattern becoming a fall-back staple in my collection.

And the dreaming big part? I have high hopes that I can sew this puppy in time for TNNA.
Let's see, shall we?


kingshearte said...

Looks pretty straightforward. I say you can do it. If it were me, I'd probably get 99% of it done in a day, and then it would sit around for months waiting for a button or something. Good luck.

Elena Knits said...

I have a fat quarter of that same fabric. It's gorgeous! I'm sure you will make a nice dress and you will learn a lot from it :)

Katie said...

You can do it! For me, cutting is the most tedious part, so the fact that you've conquered that is impressive.