Friday, March 15, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Holly Priestley
Blog: Sillylittlelady's Space
Rav ID: sillylittlelady
Some Great Designs: sillylittlelady's Rav Designer Page

It's the waning days of winter.
We're all keen for some spring, some lightness, and some fun

This week's designer delivers!

I think all her patterns have this sense of lightness and fun.
(also, I think she's pretty cool: her fave colour is yellow, she likes good wine and cheese, and loves dogs! We would totally get along great! Anyway, on to the patterns!)

The pictured Dropped Stitch Pullover shows you just what I mean. Great for the spring, this lightweight knit has airy dropped stitches and loose, comfortable design.

For incredible fun? Check out Bearded Viking Helmet. It's just as it sounds, and looks even cooler. I think next year I'm a Viking for Halloween!

The Compass Rose Stole is a lovely rectangular stole, suitable for beginners, but with just enough lace detail to keep you interested in your knit. I love the photo on the pattern page of the shadow of the stole. Very pretty.

Sunny Grey Skies is another pretty, very wearable knit. A half-circle shawl with nice lace edging, this piece is very attractive for the upcoming, increasingly warmer months.

Finally, here's Twisted, a cute and fun cabled, pom-pomed earflap hat.


Sampras_5 said...

OMG I think my FIL would flip for that hat! And I LOVE that stole. I was hooked from the shadow picture. ...Might have to cast that on in the near near future...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the feature! I really appreciate it, I'm so honored :D I'm glad you like my patterns, I want them to be fun and I'm glad it's coming across!