Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Oh, the Joy of a Meme

Wheee! Meme time!
I like reading other people's memes too, so if you are creatively inspired by this miasma of "I like this" and "I hate that", then please leave a linky to your meme in the comments.
I'd like a time-kill today, folks.

1. A Picture of Me

Super classy Instagram pic.

2. 10 Random Facts about Me

  • If you had offered me sushi three years ago, I would have vomited in revolt and charged in the opposite direction. Nowadays I can have it every night. Can I please? Anyone want to come to my place and be a sushi chef?
  • I try my best to avoid using any idioms - especially in writing, but also in everyday conversation. Not sure why - I think I enjoy the challenge of slapping other random words together to create my OWN phrases!
  • I still have items in my closet from high school.
  • Pet peeve: people who approach me at work and imply that I must be so bored and have nothing to do all day. Yeah. Thanks. That's right. I do nothing at work all day.
  • It took me six months to muster the energy and sew some curtains for the kitchen. The breaking point? It's getting warm out now, and people will be in their backyards... looking right into my kitchen... not cool.
  • I check the weather network all the time for the forecast, but never *really* believe it.
  • I want Netflix, but am currently too lazy/busy to figure out if it's actually cheaper than cable.
  • For some reason, I'm incredibly cheap when it comes to my hose/tights/whatever you wish to call them. I know they're generally rather inexpensive, but dammit, I try to repair those run, sew those holes, and scrub those evil shoe stains out so I don't have to buy new ones (what's with those shoe stains? It can't just be me.)
  • I recently read my profile in the book The Secret Language of Birthdays and was rather disturbed by its apparent accuracy.
  • The last yarn I purchased was some Rowan cotton. I felt like a shell of myself purchasing cotton - I swore I'd never do it again, and yet here we are.

3. Question Time

1. What was the first album you ever purchased (vinyl, tape, or cd)?

Well, my parents bought me the New Kids on the Block single for "Tonight Tonight". On tape. Then I think I bought myself Barenaked Ladies "Gordon". On tape.
And my first cd purchase, I believe, was Bryan Adams "So Far So Good". Canadian girl! (don't ask me what my first concerts were. You'd cringe. Laugh. And possibly never ever take me seriously again).

2. What was the first accessory you bought with your own money?

With my own money? Can't recall. Likely some sort of studded dog-collar-esque Goth nightmare. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what it was, since I distinctly recall being oh-so-proud of my authority-defiance when, after being asked by the Vice-Principle to take off that 'dog collar', I did absolutely nothing.

3. Favourite gift you’ve ever received?

Tricky! Hm, I think I recall being very excited by the (not digital) camera my parents bought for me in high school. Also was really keen on the Simba and Nala kissing stuffed animals I was gifted in grade 8.

4. The coolest person you’ve ever met?

Pfft, my friends are all cool. Don't make me choose.

5. The item in your home with the most sentimental value?

I think it might be the house itself, seeing as how it was my grandparents' place, where my mom grew up, and I have loads of childhood memories from.

6. The grossest thing in your refrigerator right now?

There's probably some sort of veggies thisclose to rotting in the crisper. I try not to open that part.

7. Something you always purchase at the grocery store?

I went through a chocolate chip Clif Bar phase. Now I've moved on to yogurt and crap-loads of eggs (they're a superfood!)

8. One thing you hope to accomplish this year.

I have such a cool knit collection languishing in my brain. We'll see if my wrist lets me get that published this year.

9. Your current favourite song.

Too hard to pick, but I'll tell you, I've had "Summer of '69" stuck in my head since I typed that business about Bryan Adams up there.

10. What we’d eat together if I showed up on your door step today.

I do believe I just referenced sushi up there too... Want to get some? I'll take 20 piece of salmon sushi, followed by some Red Dragon rolls and white tuna sashimi!

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Michelle said...

I once infamously said "All I think about is sushi and knitting." And it's true in the winter. And even more so now that I moved from the GTA to northern Manitoba where there is no good sushi. Sigh.