Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Musings on SABLE and the Like; Or, How I Nest

We all have our talents.
We also all have our desires.

It seems like those two might be the same thing.

They're not.

I'll tell you, a friend of mine, in her teenage years, was a gifted athlete. She was encouraged to pursue this talent, join teams, win prizes.
She hates athleticism, and revels in the joyful Piscean pursuits of food, relaxation and general lay-about-ness (and no, it's not me. Though that list of traits is really rather accurate!)
Her desires lay outside of (at least one set of) her talents.

A lucky number of people do have their best and brightest talents align with their true and most heartfelt desires.
I hope you're one of them; I'm beginning to think I might be myself.

The desire to nest, to perfect my surroundings, make them the most beautiful, comfortable and welcoming reflection of myself that I can is something that I certainly like doing.

Any you might not believe this, but I think I can relate this back to the beautiful monster stash.
Watch me try.
Here it goes:

Yarn and knitting mean (most likely) something different to every knitter. Personally, the attraction lies, to a great extent, in the fibre, the colour, and the hope of possible handmade beauty that can come from these raw materials.


Surrounding myself with beauty, as noted above, is something I like doing, and seem to be decent at.
Yarn, in its raw, unknitted form, is certainly beautiful. Its potential is beautiful.

Therefore, my desires and talents have happily aligned in a collection that has likely reached SABLE1. And I mean, it reached that level several yarn festivals ago.

My nest is populated to a great extent by yarn. Most of it lives hidden in a large cedar chest, but some of it sits prettily on display, like so many delicious photos I've spied online. You know, those ones that yarn shops use to make their yarn look its beautiful best?
I like to put my yarn under glass. Gives me the mental security that there's at least some sort of layer of pest-protection. Plus, I can see the glorious stuff.

All this is not to say that I continue to be (or maybe even ever was) an irresponsible yarn purchaser.

To a very great extent I've cut back on gluttonous yarn binges.
Not to jinx myself, but I'm hoping this is the Year of the Stash.
And even if it is the year of the stash, my sweet little SABLE filled nest need not worry.

They don't call it SABLE for nothing.
1 Chances are you're well aware of what SABLE means. But, just to keep everyone up to date, SABLE is an acronym which stands for Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy.


Unknown said...

I was trying to explain SABLE to a non-knitter last week. She didn't seem to quite understand that this can be a very good thing.

Julie said...

I had no idea what SABLE meant!! thanks for the footnote!! I loved your your musings on your stash.

Hilary said...

I love, love, love that you have incorporated your stash (SABLE...haha! I didn't know the term either!) into your home decor. You've inspired me to figure out a way to do the same...though the question is how to keep the little one's paws off of it once it's out in the open...

I loved this post overall...writing = another one of your talents!