Friday, February 10, 2012

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Jennifer Thompson
Blog: Fern Knits
Rav ID: fern1knits
Some Great Designs: fern1knits' Rav Designer Page

I've had my mind turn to all things floral lately. Delicate green shoots were unexpectedly spotted sprouting up in my garden just days ago. I was aghast.

That lovely delicate beauty is something that I see in the patterns by this week's designer.

I picked her cozy colour worked Botanical Doubleknit Caplet as the featured photo for this post. This newly published piece already has a few FOs listed on Rav. I'm really digging all the different colour choices! This caplet is a wonderful piece, but the next few items by fern1knits I'll be discussing demonstrate her designing strength in other areas.

Namely, delicate lace. First, here's Zest Cardigan. Another recent design, this piece combines open lace work and solid cables so wonderfully, you have to look twice to see them separately. They blend so well together, and the lines all interweave so precisely, that this design leaves me in awe. Oh, the planning that must have gone into those barely-noticeable details!

Ooo shawls. Lacy, lovely shawls. There's no shortage of the lovely with this designer. First I'll point out Dreaming, a triangular piece that looks wonderful draped across your shoulders, as well as scrunched up around your neck (incidentally, this is one of my personal "good shawl pattern" sign posts).

Also, there's the (free!) Roadtrip Shawl. I'm particularly in love with the modular, shoulder-wrapping shape. And the great use of a ruffled edge (such an easy design element to get wrong! But, done wonderfully here. That in and of itself is virtuosic!) Oh yes, and the combination of solid knit, textured areas, and lacy yarn overs. Yes! I'm particularly in love with many/lots/all of this shawl.

And all of this designer's aesthetic! Check out the linkage above for more of her work.

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Julie said...

oh wow, that caplet is stunning!! such great designs.