Friday, September 02, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Arianwen Jackson-Verschaeve
Blog: The Silver Spider Presents
Rav ID: Arianwen
Some Great Designs: Arianwen's Rav Designer Page

Oooo, I'm getting excited, folks! It's my favourite four-month run of the year.
September brings all sorts of wonderful things, including that perfect crispness to the air.
A perfect crispness that is complemented perfectly by cowls!

This week's designer has a pair of pretty cowls.
First you see pictured Garter Stitch Cowl. I dig the simple, big stitches and shape of this piece. Great for keeping you warm, fab for looking awesome, and superb for a nice, easy knit.

Second, there's the more wee cowl Patience.
I like the pretty lacy detail, and the photo with the pin placed so perfectly (I must invest in more pins. I see photos like this where people use them to such nice effect, and I wish I could do it too!)

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Anonymous said...

Necklaces in the summer are too hot for me at work so I learned to use pins and brooches and often get compliments. The more you use them the better you get at it. Thanks so much for highlighting the wee alpaca cowl design and its designer. That cowl just sings to me.