Friday, September 24, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: mome
Rav ID: mome
Some Great Designs: mome's Rav Projects Page

Today's designer is a knitter after my own heart. In her Rav "About Me", she writes:
"The best part is starting a new project, that is where all adrenalin is!"
And how!

But she certainly does well with her finished designs.
Check out her Honey, I'm home! (pictured right). I superlove this texture, and the deep ribbing on the sleeves and waist. A cool twist on a classic cardi.

Texture is something mome's really got down. Witness the cute skirt Gone, with its dancing cables and wee lace eyelets.

While Future dress isn't actually said garment, it's lovely in its current form. I can imagine how fab the dress version would be! Like Honey, I'm home, deep cuff detailing adds interest to this sweater knit.

Finally, I'll direct your attention to a sweater she designed for her daughter, Pink lady. Texture abounds! The fun things you can do for a little girl's garment! I'm particularly a fan of the bobbles-used-to-perfection on the flowers :)


Thea said...

what a gorgeous sweater! I checked her page and she has come very cool stuff. thanks for sharing (as always...)

Hilary said...

How cool is that honeycomb sweater?? It's so smooshy and gooshy and chic at the same time!