Friday, September 03, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Susi
Blog: runningsusi
Rav ID: runningsusi
Some Great Designs: runningsusi's Rav Designer Page

Now, before I head out on that sweet, sweet camping trip, I have to share with you this week's well-timed designer, runningsusi.

Well timed because, well, my chilly weekend camping trip would do well to have a beautiful toque like the pictured Free Spirit Hat. The colourwork on this piece is amazing. I love how it's totally unisex, and a perfectly portable knit for camping!

In another demonstration of colourwork smarts, runningsusi's Fair Isle Stash socks are a beautiful and wonderful way to use up all those wee remnants from various and sundry socky knitting!

Lastly, I'll direct you to her very cool Knitted Tee. How awesome is that stitch pattern and texture?


Thea said...

What a beautiful hat!!

juicyknits said...

I love that tee. And her blog is funny too! Oce again, tnhanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

yum! thanks for posting! The tee will be in my queue soon.
- spencer

Hilary said...

Whoa! That is a VERY cool stitch pattern on that hat! I think everyone on my Christmas list needs one. Thanks for posting this!

Ilix said...

Fantastic, I have already added it to my queue!