Friday, September 10, 2010

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Iryna Klionava
Blog: Knotting Noodles
Rav ID: klionik
Some Great Designs: klionik's Rav Designer Page

While the leaves are still green on the trees, I'd like to show you the beauitful work by klionik.

Namely, her hat Liffey, pictured right. Now those are what I call scrummptious cables! With a dramatic interplay between cable, wee bit of lace and subtle texture, this hat has it all! PS: the tie in the back = adorable.

A very functional and sweet little knit, klionik's Peyote Pincushion would be a wonderful addition to your sewing (and knitting!) basket.
(that is, if you indeed have a basket that's large enough for your stash. Oh, you do?.... you mean, you aren't living in a sea of yarn, sometimes threatening to overflow from the bounds of closet, hamper, cedar chest and other random hiding places?)

Finally, I'll point you to her stylin Green Grocery Eco Bag. It's got a purty mesh lace pattern, and "has been tested on 3 kg of oranges: will hold more." I love that; pre-testing its weight load!


Julie said...

what a gorgeous hat!! and the pincushion is super cute, too.

StephCat said...

wonderful hat!