Monday, December 21, 2009

Apiarius; Or, Flight of the BumbleCanary

Pattern: Apiarius
Yarn: KnitPicks Stroll Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn in Timber and Gold

I knew what I wanted this sweater to look like - of course, nary do my plans come to accurate fruition. I'll put this one down to a lack of foresight, but there are other aspects of the knit that I'm quite pleased with.

Happy about
: this being the teeniest-gauged sweater I ever did make. It didn't really take as long as you might think. This is rather encouraging, and methinks there are plenty more sock-yarn sweaters in the near future.

Unhappy about: the fact that the honeycomb doesn't line up all nice-like. This is because I had a brain blip and didn't factor in all the raglan decreasing I'd have to do. I think I was a little more focussed on designing the fracking honeycomb pattern :p
You can see this boo boo pretty well in the pic on the left.

Happy about: the yarn. Once again, KnitPicks comes through and makes purty yarn with purty colours work very well. I've slipped the sweater on a few times now, and it feels super awesome to have a sweater in this gauge. I'd encourage one and all to give it a go.

Unhappy about:
my lacklustre attempts at colourwork. I've done it a few times now, but clearly haven't polished those skills off yet. There's also a place or two where I mussed up the honeycomb, and haven't decided yet what I'll do about that (truthfully, probably nothing!)

Happy about: my bottom-up raglan construction. I actually made the sleeve caps sit decently this time! Very pleased with that.

Happy about: the photoshoot!
I went out earlier today with a willing photographer (I've recruited my mom this time) and had a lovely brunch by the waterfront and frolicked around while the snow happily fell.

If you look real close at the photo below, you can even see some pre-melty snowflakes sitting gracefully for their portrait.

We were also joined by a sizeable number of mallards, a seagull or two, and this paddling swan.

I really enjoy the subtle colour shifts in this Tonal yarn; you can sort of see them at work in the honeycomb, particularly the ones that I "filled in".

I now have a considerable amount of these two shades leftover.
I believe they're heading for bee-striped sock territory!

And yes, I am *that* much of a geek that I purposefully wore my bee locket necklace for this here photoshoot.
Along with something of a goofy grimace :p

And finally, the detail I added because it makes me smile:
there's a bee on my left arm!


Hilary said...

There are no words for how awesome this sweater is. The colorwork? Fantastic! The fit? Perfect! The creativity behind this whole endeavor? Astounding. Seriously, it rocks. Because of the asymmetrical design, I don't think the honeycomb needs to line up perfectly. I love it as is!!

evergreenknits said...

LOVE it!

I am a huge fan of asymmetry and wildness in designs. It looks amazing, and you've fit it perfectly to you.

Drop Stitches Not Bombs said...

I agree - I would have thought every aspect of the honeycomb design was intentional until you mentioned it. It looks gorgeous! And fine-gauge knits are so flattering... *wanders off to paw through sock yarn collection*

Diana said...

I love it, I love it.
Being a bee enthusiast myself this project has a special place in my heart.
My bees would be swarming with joy, wait 'til I tell them. Bee comb is perfectly shaped but irregular. They will make it in any crack or space, so your design is true to nature. PERFECT!
Love the bee detail on your elbow.

You can see them here
and here

Ellen said...

This is a wonderful piece! It's so original and fun, and I think the way the honeycomb worked out looks great. Cute photos too! :)

Fel said...

Awesome! You definitely can be proud! :)

Andrea said...

This sweater is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You should be so proud. I'd make one if you put the design out.

Sheryll said...

Very cute! Love the asymmetry, and the bee, and the neckline and overall shape looks perfect!

Kai said...

I love it! It's gorgeous and so cute and really suits you! :)

Aesderina said...

like everyone has said.. this is a BEAUTIFUL sweater!
You are way to hard on yourself!! It fits you beautifully, you created the pattern and tried out a new design! That's 3 thumbs up!!
I love it! I love it!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Why isn't there anything nearly that cute or smart or wearable in the knit mags? Beautiful job!

Susan Luni said...

This is a design that is (at least to me) way out there. Never would I have imagined such a sweater, but now I wish I had. Cute, wearable, and unique.
Although I do think lining up the colorwork within the raglan seams would be nice in version 2, I wonder if I had a corrected sweater to view, if I'd actually like this one better. It has a deconstructed appeal.

Tiffany W said...

I really like the fit of this sweater. The light weight of the sweater is perfect for the warmer climates where I live. I also have a soft spot for bee patterns.