Friday, June 05, 2009

Indie Designer Day

Elvira - on blog
Designer: Sanne Bjerregaard
Blog: Sanne B
Etsy Shop: Rasmilla
Rav ID: SanneB
Some Great Designs: SanneB's Rav Designer Page

SanneB designs primarily for children and babies. Seeing as how this is clearly a departure from the regular fare that I highlight on these Indie Designer Posts, I feel I must admit to you all that the lovely wee pattern Elvira, which first caught my eye, did so because I thought it would make a cute top for me.
No sooner did I realize I was stand on the precipice of goofy-dom that SanneB made me feel loads better by publishing the design pictured here, Elvira All Grown Up.

Phew! My knit-dar hasn't gone out of whack!

The same classic and cute design elements seen in Elvira and her grown-up counterpart can be seen in other SanneB's designs, such as Cables and Hood and Fionas Top.

Why am I directing you to look at cute kiddie patterns (other than as a diversion to my knit-misreading) ?

Well, as it turns out, I have a friend with twins on the way. And how stinkin cute would a wee cabley jacket be for a behbeh? SanneB's patterns are what I'd love to dress my kids in - I'm sure any small one and her/his accompanying adult would greatly love these sweet designs!


Siga said...

Great designs. I love that top!

Susan said...

That is a great top. Really nice pattern!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these truly helpful designer profiles. That Fiona's Top is a cut above, and has two little nieces' names on it.


Kathryn said...

Ooh yeah! I love the super-simple silhouette of the yoke + a-line (or is it totally unshaped?) body. Lots of potential sizes and lengths, which is nice (one could even make a whole dress for a grown woman without too much fuss), and probably explains the $9 price tag.

All her patterns look amazing... really tempting...