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TPCT: Tester Testimonials!

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There were a grand total of fifteen kind, talented, and dedicated test knitters who worked up their own TPCTs. I want to share with you their fantastic FOs and their thoughts about this pattern.

Annika's TPCT
pssst: Check out Annika's fantastic blog post, where she pairs her TPCT with a bunch of great sewing patterns to create whole hand made outfits!

I added short rows so I could make a smaller size because my waist and shoulders are much smaller than my full bust. Customizing was easy and intuitive. The only change I am likely to make for future TCPTs is slightly lengthening the waist ribbing, just for my comfort. I have a 40” high bust measurement and 44” full bust (I wear a 36G/H bra), and I knitted the size 41.

Laura's TPCT

This was an easy, enjoyable, and quick knit! It would perfect for a first sweater project, but by taking advantage of the mods available even the most seasoned knitter could get a kick out this one.
I’m loving the yarn I chose, Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply. It worked perfectly and the variegated colorway, Surprise, was exciting to see knitted up.
This top is great when styled with a pencil skirt for a night out. You could also wear it over a spaghetti-strapped dress for the office. For a more casual look, you could wear it with a pair of loose fitting boyfriend jeans and show some tum :)

Sheila's TPCT

Sheila used a self-patterning yarn. Look how cool it turned out! This sort of yarn would be a great way to get a complex look with just a simple stockinette stitch.
Also note the extra sleeve length Sheila added. I REALLY like the way the self-patterning yarn looks on her sleeves.

I must say that when I followed the pattern correctly on my second try with the right type of yarn suggested in the pattern I was very happy with how this TCPT worked up.
Considering it’s the first (& 2nd) time I’ve ever done an actual article of clothing, I’d say the designer did a bang up job and I am now much less afraid to forge ahead with grown up clothing!
I can’t thank canarysantuary enough for letting me participate in this test knit, and I seriously believe if I can do it, anyone can…. The pattern has so many options to make this cropped top whatever way your comfortable knitting, whether you prefer top down or bottom up, long or short sleeves, and clear instructions on where you can throw in your own designs or alterations!

Kriss's TPCT 

The TPCT is a great little number. Easy to follow instructions and a quick knit. I actually knit mine while traveling overseas. Being a crop top means less yarn to carry around. My top ended up being slouchy because my gauge differed from the swatch. I love it though. It still works as a short top with high waisted skirts but also with shorts and jeans with a tiny bit of skin showing. Or I wear it over a dress instead of a cardigan.
There will be more of those in my knitting future - the next one in correct gauge for a different look. This is a versatile pattern that can be worn in lots if different situations.


Reagan stash busted with a stripey TPCT. She mentioned she would've liked to make the sleeves longer, but ran out of yarn for this option.

Caite's TPCT

I really wanted to knit canary sanctuary’s TPCT because I followed her on instagram and everytime she would post a finished top I knew it was something I would wear. She styled it with cute skirts and that appealed to me as that’s something I wear a lot of in the warm weather.
I jumped all over test knitting it for her, I did the top down version in a bamboo silk. My problem was knitting it in the dead of winter and not being able to wear it for a long time. I decided to wear it one day over a tank top and with a cardigan. I just buttoned the cardigan a bit so you couldn’t tell it was cropped. I love it I’ve worn it that way a few times waiting on warm weather.
I would knit this top again and again.
Angie's TPCT

Becky's TPCT
Becky was a very enthusiastic tester! She's made up 4 TPCTs so far, each with a new mod. Linked above is one of her colourwork TPCTs, where she worked a lovely fair isle pattern around the yoke as well as across the body.

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