Monday, April 18, 2016

TPCT: Crop Top Love

Making and wearing crop tops is a small way I embrace body positivity for myself. I feel so great that I'm not allowing repressive cultural standards to keep me from making and wearing something I want to. Even though for a long time there was a horrible judgey voice in my head that told me I couldn't wear that. I'd look gross. It looks great on OTHER people, but not me because of X, Y, and Z flaws.
One day about a year ago I decided I'd had enough of letting that mean girl voice in my head dictate what I wore. I WANT to make and wear crop tops, and so I shall. I quashed that mean voice. I embraced my body as it is now.

What I REALLY hope is that I can encourage other people to do the same. When people say “oh, I can’t wear that! It’s a crop top!” I feel a sadness. Why can’t they? If they really want to?

So I designed TPCT to be accessible to newer as well as more experienced knitters. I made sure that I included a whole bunch of modification options so you can make it look as YOU as possible.

I included blank charts for yoke modifications, the option for different bust shaping, notes on where you can lengthen the top, and instructions for elbow length sleeves.

You can pick up TPCT here.
And if you're thinking of knitting it up, please join the KAL. You'll find a great community of knitters and support, and I'll be there to help you with any mod ideas you have.

Stay tuned the rest of this week here on the blog for TPCT Week! We'll be talking about:

  • selecting yarn and yarn substitutions 
  • tips and ideas on styling 
  • modification options 
  • and you'll hear testimonials from some testers about their TPCT experience 
All leading up to the launch of the KAL on Friday.
Hope to see you there!


Meredith MC said...

I think you've scared away my mean girl voice. Bring on tpct!

Teresa said...

Meredith, I'm so glad to hear that!