Friday, November 08, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Sara Gresbach
Blog: Front Porch Knitting
Rav ID: addiesma
Some Great Designs: addiesma's Rav Designer Page

I can't  believe that I haven't known of this week's designer for years. A quick scroll through her rav designer page shows a talented, professional, technically-tight knitter. Someone who creates solid, reliable, classic pieces that you'll love and wear forever.

Case(s) in point:

Sugar Snow (pictured) is a beautifully simple vest. Something a woman of any age could wear, and very helpfully pictured throughout its pattern page with a variety of stylings. Belted, open, with a shawl pin at the neck or the waist, this is a great looking garment.

Gift knitting ahoy! Check out the Atwater Mitts, something you can quick(ish)ly knit for those lucky enough to be on your seasonal-giving-season list. Also, there's a pretty wide size range for a pair of mitts, from x-small to large.

One of my favourites are Boot Candy Boot Cuffs. Quick, functional, and totally cute, these cabled boot toppers would fit perfectly in a stocking and/or small gift box. Just sayin.

Looking to knit for a teen? I'm thinking Hoodsie would likely please. Again, it's a pattern with a good solid bit of knitting, stuff that won't go out of style any time soon. Something to throw on over top your outfit when going out for your adventures, to keep you just that bit warmer.

Finally I'll point out the Kaleidoscope Cowl. Mostly because it's so pretty. Check it out!

ETA: Now really, finally! I wanted to show you her latest pattern, Flambeau. Check this one out!  A fantastic colourwork cowl - with wee herringbone happening. I love it!

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