Friday, August 16, 2013

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Raiku Räsänen
Blog: outo lintu linnassa
Rav ID: Raiku
Some Great Designs: Raiku's Rav Designer Page

My idea behind sharing these indie designer posts with you all is simply to generate inspiration and raise the awareness of newer designers. With that in mind, many times the patterns I feature aren't necessarily published, or in English! But I find that seeing the great creativity of other knitters gives me fuel and fire to produce more and more interesting work.

So, this week's designer may not have published patterns for all her work, but I certainly think you'll find them beautiful and inspiring nonetheless!

Pictured is Charlotta toinen, a delicately cabled pair of socks that are making me wish it was autumn right now. I can't wait anyhow, but the idea of pulling on a pair of lovelies like these gets me all cozy and ready for tromps through dried leaves with chilly air.

Charlotta ensimmäinen gives me that feeling too. It's yet another delicately cabled piece, this time a cute slouchy hat.

Kirahvintäplähuivi is a cool double-knit cowl with a neato abstract pattern allover. You know me and my love of cowls!

And linked here is Raiku's newest design, which she hopes to publish before the fall. Another cozy-looking piece!

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