Monday, November 19, 2012

New Pattern, Walk in the Leaves; Or, Help Support the SPCA

Today I've published a new pattern!

Walk in the Leaves are inspired by the best of seasons: autumn.
It was autumn when I went to the SPCA, and fell for the sweet, elderly dog Ellie.
Ellie lives at my parents' place, out in the country; she's a very happy dog who is sweet, intelligent, and enriches our lives. It was the many beautiful, crisp-autumn-day walks that I thought of while designing these little lacy legwarmers.

If it weren't for the local SPCA, she could have still been a stray dog, or perhaps even worse.

All proceeds from Walk in the Leaves will be donated to the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. I (and all the critters!) thank you for your support.

Sizing: We all come in many sizes, and Walk in the Leaves contains instructions for you to customize the legwarmers to fit YOU just right. It is sized for a 14” leg circumference.

Knit in the round, these speedy accessories would make a great last minute gift!


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I love that soft cream color, but I think they'd also be stunning in red or turquoise!

Meredith MC said...

Cute legwrmers! You've inspired me to make a donation to our local Humane Society.

Knitting Patterns for Babies said...

Your pattern look great! I also love the color, your legwarmer is amazingly cute! Thanks for sharing your post, what a great talent in knitting..I'm looking forward for more beautiful patterns from you.