Friday, November 23, 2012

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Coral Marion
Etsy Shop: Greasemoth fiber arts
Rav ID: greasemoth
Some Great Designs: greasemoth's Rav Designer Page

I love a designer with whimsy!

Greasemoth has but three(ish) designs currently published:

The pictured In the Clouds skirt caught my eye with its texture and colour changes.
I love that wide waist band and button closure.

Make sure to stop by her designer page and check out her tutorial for knitting or crocheting from the edge of fabric. There's several pictures of pieces created using this technique (offered for free!), including halter tops, skirts and hat brims.

She also has the Nefertiti Dreadlock Tam, a crocheted structural piece that would be able to make use of several beautifully coloured yarns.


Anonymous said...

That skirt is so fun! I'd love it in blue tones..

Julie said...

oh wow, what a stunning skirt! beautiful designs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Teresa. I've often wondered why this method was not widely recommended, and i can see that it might be tricky to get the stitches spaced correctly. Sure worth a shot as far as I'm concerned. Judging from the picture, the results are very impressive.


Anonymous said...

Love that skirt!

Indie designer coupons said...

I always support indie designers. I am not saying that my closet is completely devoid of mainstream designers. There are things I like form brands like Gucci, etc.

However I find that indie designers tend to be more original and I can find garments to suit my style more easily when I shop with them. They experiment more with color and have items hat really look attractive and flatter the figure.

Sometimes the clothes from the more well known brands are boring.