Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Romper; Or, Risk Taking

For quite some time I've had this wee thought in my brain.

It's been sitting there, bugging me every once in a while.

"Hey you. Hey. You see that weird outfit? That romper thing? That would be so cool for summer. You need to get your hands on one of those. Look how great they look on all the models, in all the ads n' stuff".1

Please note: this quote may lead to danger.

I recognize that this fixated-ness is based upon photos. Of models. In, what would be regarded by many, as a "weird outfit".

I'm going to skip along down this road of danger.

Thought it might be amusing for ya'll to watch me
a) prove a point
b) learn something new
c) crash and burn

And so I've decided to share my (possibly a big waste of time) plans.

I'm making me a romper! Maybe even two!

Let me show you:


I just purchased this fabric on the super cheap the other day.

I also picked up this 1970s jumpsuit pattern in the local used store.


You're all saying, "The WISE thing to do would be to, at the very least, go to the mall and actually try on one of these... weird outfits... to see if you like the look in the first place!"

Naw. Nope. Not gonna do that.
Gonna be a hard-headed lazy bones and decide to enjoy the journey (towards crash and burn, most likely).

Come along, folks! The first step shall be the cutting of the fabric.
1 To check out some of the ideas I've had floating around about this, you can have a peek at my pinterest board here.


Mousewife said...

I bet it will look great on you. :) Can't wait to see the finished product.

Unknown said...

Even if you hate it as a romper, you can always split the seams on the legs and restitch as a dress.

I'm not a romper person, but they do look awfully cute sometimes, and you've found both great fabric and an unusually cute pattern. Good luck!

kingshearte said...

I have just one rather personal question for you on this subject: How often do you pee?

That is all.

Teresa said...

Gasp! kingshearte, you are so right! Ok, must factor that in to final romper sewn design.

Nyssa Jayne said...

Actually, I would vote against trying on a mall romper and definitely DIY this one -- the reason why rompers look weird on "real" people is because the fit is extremely difficult to get right. when you think about it, it's got to fit in the bust, length of torso, bottom and legs, which is a crazy combintion to generalise across all the ladies of the world. :) Meanwhile, if you can get the waist to sit at your waist, and the length to sit at just the right sweet spot, it won't look weird, it will look awesome. :)