Saturday, June 23, 2012

Father's Day; Or, Lemon and Cupcakes and Sunny Days

So I had promised pictures, and have herein delivered (a scant few).
My brother and his girlfriend brought along a delicious lemon meringue pie.
Second only to apple, lemon is my favourite desserty flavour.

I also indulged in a wee bit of baking myself, with these cupcakes.
I decided they needed dressing up, and so found a manly font on the interwebs and voila! A cupcakey centrepiece. (in case you can't see it all that well, those circles surrounding each letter are actually little tires. Cute. Manly cute).

The rain ended up holding off, but what with the hecticness of hosting a party, I didn't end up snapping all that many pics.
Hope you all had a lovely Sunday last weekend. Mine went over great!

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Julie said...

Those birthday cupcakes look amazing! Lemon is definitely my favourite dessert flavour, although apple is pretty awesome too.