Saturday, September 05, 2009

We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties...

Photobucket...and the blog won't look normal til the 14th.
Or so photobucket tells me.
I'm being slapped on the wrist for exceeding bandwith.

So I bring you a photo of flowers as apology and photobucket subversion (it's not that subversive, it's just from another photobucket account :P)

Though the ugliness makes me very sad, I'll still be blogging.

Come back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled SummerFuntimes Giveaway!

ps: If you click on where a photo should be, you'll get sent to a link so you can see it.


Wendy said...

You gotta start using Flickr!! I used to use Photobucket, but I have loved Flickr everything. Costs the same to upgrade (totally worth it to me), and I know you're already using it for Ravelry anyway!

Hilary said...

Boo on photobucket. I'll second Wendy's Flickr endorsement. I just upgraded to Flickr Pro (something I had been avoiding for about a year because I hate paying for things like that) and it has been totally worth it.