Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'll let you in on a secret: I've got some secret knitting on the go.

So, here lives a post wherein I obfuscate my current workings and present you with a list of fascination.Martha Stewart Cake

Shareable Secrets from CanaryLady

1) Not sure if I've divulged this one yet, but I do have a real name, and it's Teresa.

2) I've also (as have a number of my friends and family) been given the middle name Marie.

3) My last name is filled with vowels and I guess is pretty wacky and out there; people find it incomprehensible despite my attempts at very clear articulation (I'm being facetious, but for real, people have issues spelling it).

Oscar de la Renta4) I began my undergraduate degree as a Studio Arts major, but learned that my skin is not thick enough, nor my hands talented enough, to actually create decent work. Switched to Art History right quick.

5) You've all seen my face, and perhaps may find it bizarre to hear that it's not uncommon for me to get carded when buying alcohol or other such stuff that grown ups get to do. I look over 18, right? (though I've been given the story that they have to card anyone who looks 24 and under, I still exceed that age by a handful of years).

6) A while ago I set up a blog that's way top secret where I've been keeping track of wedding stuff. That's where I yoinked these two pics from. Top one is a pretty-ful cake that I obviously won't have (courtesy of Martha Stewart), and the bottom one is a pretty-ful dress that I obviously won't have (it's Oscar de la Renta, fyi).

7) I love dancing, and have been known to bust a move at inopportune moments to the embarrassment of my friends and family.

8) My brother and sister are twins, and when I tell people this, they sometimes ask me if they're identical. If I'm feeling silly, I'll sometimes respond with "yes, everything but their genitals".
Really, though, they have very different looks. My brother is very fair, and sister the opposite (kinda sorta like me).

9) My most recent favourite artist is Leonard Baskin. You can read more about him here, here or here, if you likes.

10) Drinking coffee doesn't wake me up in the least, though I still enjoy a java infusion daily.

11) When I was younger, I wished I had green eyes. They still fascinate me. Do you know anyone with green eyes? Cause I don't.

12) The school system decided to alter its approach to educating wee ones when I was wee. From about the late 70s into the 90s, they didn't actually teach grammar. So, the first time I learned about nouns and verbs was in French class. Even yet, me grammar is no so good. I'm trying to educate myself on this point, and have the Oxford Concise Companion to the English Language on my wish list.

13) I've been gifted a load and a half of happy fun retro patterns. If you're wondering, yes, there will be a giveaway soon.

Stay tuned.


miastick said...

I have green eyes :)

Clumsy Knitter said...

I have green eyes too! Bright green, but my sisters had brown eyes so they told me I was adopted. I believed them and cried. A lot.

Also, people can (mostly) spell my very common last name, but cannot spell OR pronounce my first name. What I wouldn't have given to be named 'Mary Smith' when I was younger!

Walden said...

I do not have green eyes, unless I am angry . . . mine are hazel and change from varying degrees of brown and green based on my moods. But like you I always wanted green eyes.

Wendy said...

I also have green eyes, with a "rust" spot in one. I managed to end up with a brown eyed boy (like my husband) and a blue eyed girl... maybe a #3 will get lucky with the green eyes, but probably not likely.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I love to bust a move too! It's not under my control, it just happens.

Medea said...

...and I have green eyes too

Team Knit ! said...

I knew you were planning a wedding! I had seen that the blog is linked to your blogger profile, but is not public.

I have mostly green eyes. Well, hazel green. And I think I'm around the same age as you- I too had no grammar lessons. Which was very odd when I taught EFL for a couple of years, and ended up teaching loads of grammar.

The last time I got carded was December, while buying alcohol for my 30th birthday party. My mom got carded for the last time when she was 30, so I'm hoping to still get carded just once this year. Just to keep the record alive.

I enjoyed this little peak into Teresa-land!

- Julie

Theresa B said...

Hi! I found this blog on Ravelry... My name also is Theresa (but with an H, obviously). I also love dancing and didn't learn grammar until French class! Unfortunately, my French skills have waned considerably. C'est la vie. Nice to meet you!

yoel said...

My cat and my husband both have green eyes. I like that they match, and that the walls match too.

Are we in for some wedding-y news soon?

StaceyKnitsIt said...

I knew your name from an old blog post with your name magnet on your fridge. :)

I recently turned 35 and still get carded, even if my 9 and 6 yr. old boys happen to be standing next to me. (I rarely drink, usually beer for the hubby.)

Happy Wedding Planning! Love your knits.

Hilary said...

I have green eyes! Because I'm blonde, people think they're blue. But they're not. I find it appalling that English speakers have such a hard time with any name that is not "Smith". I have quite a few Greek friends, and though some do have really difficult, 24-letter names, most are easy to say, but just not common. Like my friend Eleni -- it's only 5 letters! And it's not that hard to say! But no one can pronounce it, so she goes by "Elaine" when she gives her name at restaurants and such.

It was fun reading these tidbits about you!

Susan said...

I love these kind of posts. Fun fun fun. The giveaway is enticing.....

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I have green eyes. The funny thing is until I was about 12, I had bright blue eyes. Somewhere around puberty they went grey... and by the time I was 16 they were a nice greyish green. My father has green eyes, but his are very yellow-green.
Another funny thing is my brother (who is 2 years older) just noticed my eyes were green a few months ago) 14 years after they changed.

Misty said...

I have hazel eyes that look green if I wear the right colors. And I also didn't learn grammar until Spanish class! I still get carded too, even though I'm getting close to 29 now. My favorite carding story was when I was carded at Walmart while buying "Office Space" (which is apparently rated R) because even though I was 24, they apparently thought I was under 18.

BekahJo said...

I have green eyes! :)

Poethead said...

It was fun learning a bit more about you!

tara said...

I sometimes have green eyes. Other times they are grey or blue.

I am also building a stash of inspirational photos of things I could never afford in real life, although mine is for my first house.

umiko said...

I have green eyes :D