Monday, November 17, 2008

'Twas the Giveaway before Christmas...

First I'd like to say thanks to everyone for your lovely words about Gaets! I hope to get the pattern done within a few weeks, but unfortunately can't promise it because of previous knitting commitments!

I've done some champion gun-jumping this year and allowed the holiday bug to bite me. I couldn't wait until December to set up the tree, so I did that already. Then the poor thing looked so sad without gifts under it, so I went out and did a purchasing sprint.
Then the selflessness set in and I decided to let go of some of the lovely things that I've been hoarding for myself in favour of spreading this happy bug to others!

You can benefit from my early-holiday-zeitgeist.

Today is the first in a weekly goodies giveaway that'll feature on this bloggy for the next 5 weeks. Each week the prizes will get bigger!
Just read the silly rhyme below, post your answers here (or message me on Rav, or even email me at canarysanctuary at yahoo dot com) and I'll enter your name for the draw. I'll be drawing the winning name on Saturday. Just let me know how to contact you, and the package will be on its way!
'Twas the giveaway before Christmas and all you must do,
is answer three questions from me to you!

1) Do you purchase knitting books?
2) What's the average price you'll pay for a knitting book (let's say it has about 20 patterns in it)?
3) If you buy knitting books online, what do you think is a fair price for shipping?
... and here is what you'll get:

-one tiny little polar bear
-two "Canada" badges
-one handmade bag (measures about 9" deep and 9" across)
-5 buttons (each about 1.5" across)
-two rolls of ribbon (one black with red cherries, the other white with red ladybugs)

Thanks all :)

In knitting news: I haven't much going on. At least not much that's blog-worthy. Gift knitting isn't all too fascinating! I'll be back with original designs in a while.


Nikki Van De Car said...

I buy knitting books, but I usually try to make sure I love at least a third of the patterns before I do (I often come to love others I didn't expect).

Given that, I'll spend a fair amount if it's a book I know I'll like. $30? Thereabouts?

Shipping costs would seem to be whatever it is to go UPS ground, right? So I think it varies. I would probably balk at more than $8, though

Samurai Mom said...

I don't buy knitting books very often unless I know they will be invaluable.

Depends on size and number of patterns but $20- 30

$7 or less

maramae said...

I have and do buy knitting books but prefer to buy the ones I can "preview" the patterns for (meaning finished objects...I can't stand it when I have no clue whats inside which happens on Amazon quite a lot)

I have and will spend up to $30 on a book especially if I love a majority of the patterns.

I would say that I would spend up to $6 on shipping.

Sophie said...

Yes I do buy knitting book, I try at least have a good preview of it and have at least 2 pattern I really want to do in.

For 20 patterns, if I take a look at the book I already own... about 25$ is a fair price to me.

About shipping... umm hard one because I mostly buy on Amazon with no fees at all... but will be willing to pay for shipping the cheapest as possible so under 7$

ekittie said...

I'll buy knitting books if I like a fair number of patterns in it, or can think of people who'd like them. I won't buy a book for one or two patterns, but I will buy a book for being "different".

I generally try to stick around the $20-$25 range, and for shipping, probably not more than $7 or $8.

Thanks! :)

Sally said...

1) Do you purchase knitting books?

Yes, but I am a bit more discerning since I realised how many knitting books I have which I've never knitted a pattern from.

2) What's the average price you'll pay for a knitting book (let's say it has about 20 patterns in it)?

£10-15 - maybe a little more if there's something in there I really want and can't get elsewhere. Maybe more if it's hardcover.

3) If you buy knitting books online, what do you think is a fair price for shipping?

Tough to say. It depends where it's shipping from. If it's more than half the cost of the book to ship internationally, I probably wouldn't buy it.

Aesderina said...

Wow those are good questions

1. I do buy knitting books BUT it has to have at least 50% of pattern that I like.. although I have bought a book for only 2 patterns but I REALLY wanted them. Now I go to the library and rent knitting books if I only like a few patterns

2. it really depends, if it's a good book I'm willing to pay for it.. I think max $50 unless it's a big huge book with TONS of info and patterns that I like

3. depends where it's shipping from and how heavy the book is. US $7-9 CA 5-7 international 10-13

Although I've never ordered a book online.. and I haven't bought a knitting book in FOREVER. I am cheap.. i said it.. i am cheap.. it must be the asian in

Auglaise said...

1) Most definitely, and I do so as much for finding the patterns inside inspiring as actually wanting to knit the patterns.

2) It depends on where I'm getting it from, if it's hard or soft cover, and how badly I want it. Probably between £10-30 - I'm much more willing to spend more on a book in which I actively want to knit the majority of the patterns.

3) I wouldn't want to spend more than about £10 on shipping, and that would be if it were an international order that I couldn't get in the UK. Around £5 would be pushing it in the UK.

lindseyrose said...

I do buy knitting books, but I wait a while until they've made the rounds and I've seen some projects knitted up.

I'd say $25 - $30, but it's also relative to the book having information that I'm actually interested in reading- like The Knitters Book of Yarn- I think it's worth more than just a book of patterns that I can't really use for reference (Charmed Knits).

Well- with Media Mail prices, $4? I do like to buy knitting books from shops or independent book stores who will usually order it for me, so I don't pay a lot of shipping.

k2sc1 said...

1) I have, but not very often.
2) $30
3) $7.50

Rosie said...

Yes, I do buy knitting books. I would spend probably up to 35 or 40 dollars on a knitting book if I absolutely love a lot of the patterns/pictures/ideas etc. I think 8$ is a fair price for shipping in the U.S.

Charity said...

I buy knitting books, but usually after I've borrowed from the library, to be sure there is more than one pattern I want to knit, or other useful info I need to have on hand.

I will usually spend up to $30, but prefer to find them less. :0)

$5 or less for shipping is what I look for, or I take the difference out of the price I'm willing to pay for the book.

Thanks for the giveaway, the bag is lovely!

Sel and Poivre said...

I buy knitting books only if they contain multiple patterns I know I will make. I will spend $20-35.00. I would pay $5.00 for shipping although I must admit I've never bought a book on line.

Bridget said...

When I buy knitting books, I count how many patterns are in the book, and how many I like. Then if I like a minimum of half of the patterns, I'll buy the book.

As for price, it depends. I'm willing to spend $30-35 for a nice hard cover with good layout and illustration. For paperbacks with good layout and illustration, I guess I'll go to about $25.

Shipping costs - if it's domestic, not more than the USPS rate. Otherwise, it has to be less than a third of the cost of the book. That is totally arbitrary on my part though.

Sarah said...

I do buy knitting books, but not so many as I'd like.

I think a solid book filled with a mix of aspirational and practical patterns would warrant $30-45.

I love Amazon and have bought online. I think around $4-7 is fair for shipping.


Hilary said...

Oooh, a giveaway! Fun!

1. I do indeed purchase knitting books, but not terribly often. There are quite a few that I really *want* to buy, but I have limited space in which to keep them, so I tend to buy pdfs rather than books.

2. I'd say about US$15-25.

3. Media mail in the US is about $3.50 -- I'd say anywhere between that and $6 (depending on how heavy the book is) seems fair.

Ellen said...

1) Yes, I buy knitting books, actually, my library has gotten a lot bigger lately!
2) I'll usually pay about $20-25 for a book.
3) About $5-8 for shipping seems fair to me.

Rachel said...

I have paid for knitting books.

Lacking funds, I usually buy used on Amazon, anywhere from 3-12 dollars has been the usual amount. Amazon usually has 4 dollar shipping or thereabouts. I usually don't like spending more then the book on shipping. Shipping over 8 dollars is just not worth it.

KnitsRUs said...

I used to buy a lot more knitting books when I started knitting three years ago, but I have since stopped. (I have at least 50). I have a nice range with a little bit of everything, and I tend to use them more for inspiration now than anything, since I rarely follow a pattern.

At the time, I would spend up to $40 CAD on a book I really liked, that had all kinds of patterns in it, not just all hats or all scarves.

I don't pay for shipping, usually if I want a book I want it now. That said, I could be pressed to spend up to $10 if it was for something I couldn't buy at Chapters or my resident LYS or independent bookstore.

Kai said...

Definitely. I love seeing all those fabulous books lined up on my book shelves!

I don't mind paying around the $30-$40.. and to be honest, I'll pay more if the book is filled with fantastic projects that I would make.

Shipping is always a pain. I normally pay around $15 but I would much rather pay about half of that.

Poethead said...

I love knitting books, and contests! buy lots and lots of knitting books, but I love books in general, so it's easy for me. I spend about $20 on average for a book, and I will buy it, even if there is only one pattern in it I must have. I probably spend about $7 on shipping--Priority Mail! Thanks for the contest!

emma said...

I actually don't buy knitting books at all, because I don't find anything I like in the book stores, and it gets a bit expensive ordering online on a student budget.

I would spend about 20$, more if the quality is good (good pictures, hard back, not a bunch of erratas)and depending on how many of the patterns I would like to knit.

8$ or less. Free shipping is nice. :)

CanarySanctuary said...

Thanks everyone for your responses! I'll be doing the draw momentarily :)

Barbara said...

I buy knitting books. the average price is between $30.00 - $40.00 CAD

I usually buy a book that has at least 6-8 patterns that I would actually knit.

shipping? I don't mind waiting a few extra days by sending a book the cheapest way via canada post. $8.00- $9.00

Barbara said...

so I am too late? ooopppssss!

Barbara said...

so I am too late? ooopppssss!