Saturday, April 28, 2007

DKC Success!

I've been knitting rejuventated!
I've seen knit-celebrities today. Amy Singer, the Yarn Harlot and Fiona Ellis.
I've purchased (almost) more books than yarn.
I've started a new colour cycle (grey and purple this time).
And, ultimately, I'm back baby!

Much like the jitterbug, the knitting bug has bitten me, and I've got the fever. Oh yes. I'm energized, enthused, eager and any other appropriate adjective. I've yet to photo all the loot, but I have plans. Oh yes.

Here is a sampling of the new additions to the stash family.

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But, here's a better one:

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From left to right:

The shiny new baby at the bottom is some Alchemy oh-so-lovely hot pink silky goodness which was made even more attractive by its sale price - who could say no to %50 off? (I picked up all three hanks. It's already on the needles).

Above is the fluffy soft pink cotton-candy-esque joy of Alchemy angora. There was only one hank of that left. What it will become, I do not know.

And finally is some hand spun beautification of baby alpaca sweet grey-ness. It's standing in as a sub for Rowan Kidsilk Haze. I looked all over the place for some of that crack, and I couldn't find any/enough/good colours. Besides, at a fraction of the price, this stuff will make me even happier! (more savings=more $ to buy more yarn).

Here are the WIPs I just couldn't hold off on:

Sweet alpaca dreaminess
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From one of the two books I purchased. I love Interweave, and their Lace Style is (one of my two) new favourite book. I can't even remember how many patterns I want to make from this one.

Well, here's another
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A very pretty retro shrug. Being made from the above-mentioned Alchemy silk. It's a fast knit. I hope to have it as an FO within the week.

I also have two new FOs to blog about, but all in good time.
I have plans.
Big plans.

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Susan said...

Just reading about your knitting enthusiasm is giving me more. Can't wait to see your progress.

SD & her blog