Friday, October 27, 2006

Knitting Questionnaire

While I usually don't dig the "answer a million questions about yourself" thing, I've recently found that it's an incredibly useful resource for anyone compiling a swap package! And so, here is my Knitting Questionnaire, for anyone who needs to know a little about me).
1. Am I a yarn snob? umm, nope. I think there's a time and a place for every (well, almost every) type of yarn.

2. Do I spin or crochet? I wish I spun! I already have a few too many things on my plate, and so limit the craftiness to knitting, crochet and sewing.

3. Any allergies? No.

4. How long have I been knitting? About 3 years

5. Do I have an online wish list? nope

6. Favorite scent? hmm, possibly vanilla. I like warm scents, vanilla, cinammon, sandalwood.

7. Do I have a sweet tooth? oh yeah

8. What other crafts do I do? see answer #2.

9. My favorite music? I like many types, so can't really simplify that here. Examples: Sarah Harmer, Sam Roberts, Beatles, Sloan, Oasis, The Murmurs, Le Tigre, Bikini Kill, Nirvana....

10. Favorite color(s)? Pink, yellow/gold

11. My family situation, including pets? Living at home, parents and siblings and 5 feathered friends (guess what type they are?!)

12. My favorite yarns to knit with? Wool, most definately. Cotton, at least 100% cotton, is stiff and causes my hands to cramp. Hopefully I'll meet a good one some day!

13. Any fiber I just hate? not the biggest fan of the highly acrylic yarns. I don't "just hate" them, though.

14. What is my current knitting obsession? sweaters! and argyle... in that, I want to knit a sweater with argyle, and hope to start my own design very soon!

15. My favorite thing to knit? tops - t shirts, sweaters etc... I also like a challenge, hence my desire to try my hand at fair isle and intarsia

16. What am I knitting right now? Hmm, got an hour? For the ones that I can remember: legwarmers, clapotis, Fair Isle U-Neck from VK, an army of little teddy bears, Bergere de France sweater from Craftster, purse...

17. What do I think about ponchos? wish I could wear them - I'm just too short!

18. Straight or circular needles? either or... I suppose straights (they really are prettier)

19. Bamboo, aluminum, plastic? eww... aluminum hurts my wrists (yet I keep using them!) bamboo and plastic are good. Brittany needles = the best!

20. Am I a sock knitter? nope. I'm truly opposed to knitting socks - what's the point? They wear out so quickly, you have to put your dear, hard work on to stinky, sweaty feet... blah! (now, this does not mean that I'm opposed to sock yarn! There's plenty can be made with the stuff!)

21. How did I learn to knit? taught myself

22. My oldest UFO? that's got to be my intarsia bag, with a picture of my favourite canary

23. My favorite animal? canaries, of course!

24. Favorite holiday? Halloween! Candy, costumes, the beauty of autumn, sooo great :)

25. Is there anything I collect? yarn. In tremendous quantities.

26. Any knitting magazine subscriptions? nope (tried to subscribe to Interweave, they never sent any issues!)

28. Any books I'm dying for? can't wait til Eunny Jang's comes out - can't wait for Stefanie Japel's (aka Glampyre) either!

29. Any patterns I covet, but haven't bought? Orangina, hands down!


Elizabeth said...

ooh i'm love with argyle! Eunny jang's vest is taking me soo long though!

CanarySanctuary said...

I wanted to make that one too! I have too many patterns on the "to do list", so I've got to stop adding more! (it really is on the list though) :)