Thursday, September 10, 2015

Great Northern: Why You Should Love It

I haven't always been a Twin Peaks fan.
I'm sure there's lots of you out there who are wondering why you should support a collection of knitwear design based on a show you've never seen, or maybe don't even like!

Well, here's a few reasons!
  • You like vintage-inspired sweaters and accessories for women as well as fun housewares.
  • Dig indie dyers? We have a bunch collaborating on Great Northern, including RainCity Knits, Hedgehog Fibres, Julie Asselin, and Knits in Class.
  • You're a Ruby Submarine and/or Canary Knits fan. We're weaving our style into all the designs!
  • Supporting independent design at a high level of professionalism keeps us all producing high quality patterns!
  • You love physical, hard copies of books. Especially knitting books!
  • Sweaters designed with thoughtful details and wearability get you excited to knit.
  • You can get a whole bunch of cool incentives like yarn and patterns from designers like Bristol Ivy, Shannon Okey, and Jane Richmond.
Have I convinced you? If so, the Kickstarter is LIVE! So please consider supporting this project and adding a new, exciting book to the knitting community.

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