Friday, June 03, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Britt Schmiesing
Blog: Sneezerville
Rav ID: brittsneezer
Some Great Designs: brittsneezer's Rav Designer Page

Believe it or not, all the shawls I'll be talking about today are free patterns!

Generously design and posted by the talented brittsneezer, each of these shawl are sweet and wearable little knits.

Sencillo Shawlette is pictured right. I really dig the simple stripes and pretty lace edging. This is a shawl I can really get behind!

Chevrolette is another great piece; I love the use of texture and lace. This looks like a warm piece, something I'd easily and often just wrap around my shoulders in the cooler weather.

Finally I'd like to point out The Watcher, which is very gear for a few reasons (that's right, gear. I've been watching too much Hard Day's Night, and have decided to revive some slang).
This shawl has a basic construction, but uses texture masterfully to create a knit that has distinctive shape; this is using the elements and principles of design to the max!


Julie said...

I love her shawls!! I just totally added the Sencillo shawl to me queue. Thanks for highlighting this designer!

NiseyKnits said...

She has some lovely designs that look simple to knit! I've faved all the designs you've listed. Can't wait to start one of them! :) Thanks for sharing.