Monday, December 18, 2006

Behold Lady E Blocking

I was just reading Eunny's blog re: How to Block any Shawl Part Deux, and she says that unless you live in a very humid climate, it should be blocked within a few hours. Certainly not the case here. I'm going to have to wait over a few days for this one. (and I said I'd never block on the floor!)


Anonymous said...

Those colors are gorgeous!

Teresa said...

Thanks :) Can't wait to finish it off!

Teresa said...

Thanks my fellow stitcher and bitcher!

Ohhh yeah. I was just looking on my craftmemo, and it's actually disturbing. As in, I'll die before I can finish all the projects I want to do!

Entrelac is so easy, it gets boring. So, if you want a project that LOOKS really fancy schmancy at the end, but allows for total relaxation while knitting it, I'd say go for the Lady E.