Monday, April 24, 2006

Book Review: "Scarf Style"

Book Review: "Scarf Style: Innovative to traditional, 31 inspirational styles to knit and crochet"
by Pam Allen - editor of Interweave Knits

My latest obession, "Scarf Style" has so many patterns in it that catch my fancy that I knew I had to buy it as soon as I picked it up. A few patterns are a little freaky for my taste (Kathryn Alexander's "Color on Color" is not only something I would never wear or knit, its something that I can't imagine anyone wearing).
Among the highlights are Teva Durham's "Turtleneck Shrug" which is perfect for keeping you warm without being an ever-lasting knitting project, Kathleen Power Johnson's "Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole" (which is a more epic project I hope to take on for next fall) and my very favourite, Nancy Bush's "Ene's Scarf" (which I'm currently planning 3 of - all for me!)
Another great aspect of the book is the "Design Notebook" at the back with advice on such topics as ideas for creating your own scarf, choosing yarn, knitting in different directions, how to knit garter stitch on the diagonal, and so on. An entirely excellent book, I would reccomend it to anyone who has gotten tired of the basic scarf and would like some unique and challenging patterns, as well as some twists on traditional fashion must-haves.

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